Ice Sculptures

First Night State College ice slide

First Night State College is well known for having one of the largest displays of ice sculpture in Pennsylvania. Our team of ice sculptors erect large ice walls on the 100 block of South Allen Street and carve them into a fantastic array of beasts, people, and monuments. No visit to First Night State College is complete without checking them out and taking a photo or two.

The First Night Giant Ice Piggy Bank and our Russian Ice Slide – especially popular with children – are located in Sidney Friedman Park.

The display is only temporary, however. Our giant ice sculptures come down at 6:00 pm on New Year’s Day, unless Mother Nature melts them sooner.

Ice Sculptors in Action

10:00 am – 6:00 pm; South Allen Street

Celebrating their twenty-fourth year, the First Night State College Ice Sculptors will carve over 100  blocks—that’s more than 10 tons!–of crystal clear Pennsylvania ice for this year’s First Night. Under the direction of captain Ernie DiMartino, the Ice Sculptors are expected to include Robert Higareda, Jared McAlister, Joseph DiMartino, James Kowalczuk, Mitch Shrader, Ryan Crosby, Jason McAlister, Dick Alford, and David DeFloria. The large walls and sculptures are created from blocks that are produced in a special Clinebell freezing process that makes beautifully clear ice. First Night State College uses ice blocks manufactured by DiMartino Ice of Jeanette and Strickler Ice Company of Huntingdon.

First Night Ice Carver in Action

One Block Ice Sculpture Exhibit

10:00 am – 11:00 pm; Downtown and Sidney Friedman Park

Sponsored by State College area businesses, the One Block Ice Sculpture Exhibit features over eighty-five one block ice sculptures. They are displayed in front of downtown businesses and churches, in Sidney Friedman Park, and on Mayor Welch Plaza in front of the State College Municipal Building. Be sure to bring your camera and allow plenty of time to see our spectacular display!

Interested in sponsoring a One Block Ice Sculpture? Learn more here.

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