Early Afternoon Performances

Lenny Sepsich

Here are the First Night performances scheduled to begin between noon and 3 p.m. on December 31, 2016. Click on the + for each listing to learn more.

This page reflects information available as of November 1, 2016. Events are subject to change. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us.

You can find a description of all event venues and access directions here. Events marked with a B require a First Night Button for admittance.

Downsbrough Room, Schlow Centre Region Library

Guitar in one hand and his audience in the other, Lenny Tepsich greets children and they light up with anticipation.  When he leaves, they never forget having met Mr. Music.   He motivates kids with simple songs sung by children for generations as well as original tunes he writes just for them.  In 1988, his daughter’s kindergarten class nicknamed him Mr. Music (they couldn’t say Mr. Tepsich) and it stuck!

For over 30 years he’s been a featured performer at Hershey Park. He has performed at the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institute, Honolulu Academy of the Arts, and festivals, schools, and libraries throughout the United States.

When Lenny is not performing, he enjoys spending time with his wife, children, and grandchildren. He looks forward to singing for the “next generation” and continuing his unending devotion to his love of music and children.

State College Area High School Thespians
Add to Calendar 12/31/2016 12:00 PM 07/11/2015 1:00 PM America/New_York Performance by State College Area High School Thespians Musical Theatre. Learn more here: http://firstnightstateollege.com/performances/early-afternoon First Night State College – State College Municipal Building First Night State College 07/12/2015

Community Room, State College Municipal Building
The Prince and Princess New Year’s Ball

Join the State College Area High School Thespians for a New Year’s Ball featuring some of your favorite Disney Princes, Princesses, and even a few surprise guests. Each will have a musical story to share and will interact with all of the guests at the ball. The program is especially suitable for children.





The Second Winds

Westminster Hall, State College Presbyterian Church

Join Zumba instructor Teresa Soler for a Zumba class. Zumba features dance steps that are fun and easy to follow…set to high energy music like salsa, merengue, hip-hop and bellydance! Zumba class is appropriate for all fitness levels and for any level dancer. You do not need any experience to join this class; just come ready to move! Teresa brings an authentic spicy Latin style into the Zumba class, and her energy and smile is contagious.

Faith United Church of Christ

The Bavarian Stompers are an 8 member band that formed over 30 yrs ago and specializes in lots of Oom and Pah.  They play a range of music including polkas, waltzes, and marches and other traditional songs from Europe and the United States. The Stompers are based in State College, play engagement throughout Pennsylvania.

The Puppet Factory's Carolyn Koerber

Days Inn Penn State

Since 1970, master puppeteer Carolyn Koerber has presented puppet theater that excites the imagination. An outstanding artist, she has performed for the Smithsonian Institution’s Discovery Theater, The National Theater, and for schools, theaters, and community groups throughout the mid-Atlantic area.

This will be Ms. Koerber’s final appearance at First Night State College. After a great career in puppetry, she’s retiring. Don’t miss this final chance to see one of her shows!

Carolyn returns to First Night State College with her storytelling, puppetry, and acting skills to retell three Native American stories: The Talking Stone, an Iroquois legend about a lonely old rock spirit that has many stories to tell; The North Star, a Paiute legend about a brave and adventurous mountain sheep; and a Hopi legend called The Wind Spirit, about a farmer who calls on Spider Woman to help him tame the wind. In a humorous and imaginative way, these stories teach children about the Earth and Native American cultures.

Westminster Hall, State College Presbyterian Church

Since ancient times storytelling has enchanted people of all ages. Middle-earth Studios’ kind of story-telling is an interactive celebration that brings out the kid in everyone.

Anyone can be a part of their story as they costume up to 100 people from the audience.  For days afterwards you’ll still hear people talking about the show where they did things they never thought they’d do.

This year’s show, The Free Folk of Middle-earth, features knights armed with swords and shields, beautiful princesses, the dwarves and animals of the Lonely Mountain (who also happen to be the kingdom’s finest treasure hunters), and the wicked goblins of the Land of Mordor.  It is the story of a quest to recover stolen treasure from the goblins.  Peace is won by cooperation among different kinds of beings.

Penn State Downtown Theatre Center

Naomi Seidman is an assistant professor of flute at Penn State and flutist with The Pennsylvania Quintet. An accomplished solo performer, she has won several noteworthy competitions and was a semi-finalist in the Beijing Nicolet International Flute Competition. She has earned degrees from University of California at Santa Barbara, Yale University, and the University of Texas.

Cellist Jonathan Dexter studied at the Oberlin Conservatory, the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest, and the University of Texas.  As a recording artist, Jonathan has been featured on a number of motion picture and television soundtracks. Noteworthy performances include shows with Eddie Vedder playing material from his album Ukulele Songs, and playing in Will Taylor’s Texas Swing band, Strings Attached.

The Nittany Knights

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church

The Nittany Knights are living proof of the enduring popularity of barbershop music. Barbershop music, with its close, unaccompanied four-part harmonies, is a uniquely American musical folk art. Although scholars cannot pinpoint where or when this art form was born, the growth of the tradition was certainly aided between the 1860s and 1920s by the types of songs popular at the time – songs characterized by sentimental lyrics and uncomplicated melodies that could be easily harmonized with a variety of four-part chords

Adult Library, Schlow Centre Region Library

What does 2017 hold in store for you?  Madam Babushka’s Gypsy Fortune Tellers will reveal your New Year destiny, using fortune telling cards, magic balls, and other forecasts.  Stop by for a fun, short “reading” suitable for ages 8 and up.   The Fortune Tellers appear courtesy of Schlow Centre Region Library.

Faith United Church of Christ

The Deacons of Dixieland is a six piece traditional jazz band from Central Pennsylvania. They have been providing lively entertainment at concerts, festivals, community parks, clubs, and tailgate parties at Penn State football games since 1988. The Deacons play a broad range of Dixieland style jazz music, including classic Dixieland selections, blues, and country music in a Dixieland style.

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