About First Night State College

First Night State College

First Night was first celebrated in Boston in 1976, an outgrowth of America’s Bicentennial celebration. The event provided one of America’s oldest cities with a new way of ushering in the New Year. First Night remained a Boston phenomenon until 1982, when First Night Virginia was founded in Charlottesville.

Today, First Night festivals are presented by a broad range of nonprofit organizations and municipal agencies across the country each December 31st. First Night organizers share a commitment to promoting the performing and visual arts as catalysts for unifying their citizens on New Year’s Eve (and beyond) through imagination, creativity, and community participation. First Night organizers plan and produce festivals that reflect their particular constituents and celebrate their unique communities.

First Night State College is a production of the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, Inc (CPFA). No use of First Night State College may be made in connection with the manufacture and/or sale of merchandise without the CPFA’s express written approval.

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